Hypertherm 45XP Feed Rates

Someone may have already posted this, but if not this is useful if you have a Hypertherm 45XP.


Could this chart be adopted to use with a
Razorweld 45?

I would assume that it would be similar but I don’t know how much the mechanics of the actual torch matter. I’m personally going use these numbers as a starting point and then modify the feed rates as needed for my specific setup.

By the looks of that chart, the hypertherm 45xp can cut quite a bit faster than the razorweld 45… I’ve been cutting 12 ga at around 80ipm at 40 to 45 amps with my razorweld. I only get to play with it for a little bit each day, so I still have a lot to learn!

This chart is not applicable to the Razorweld 45. Search through the forum there are a few members that have started documenting there feeds in a google sheet.