Downloading files to my computer

Help downloading dxf files to my computer.

I bought a bundle of templates from plasma dxf and they download to google cloud.when I go to extract them from the zipped folder I get an app showing self extraction from fusion but when I try to open it, it doesn’t seem to open. It acts likes it wants to open but I can never find out where it goes. Does anyone know where those files go?? Seems to slow down my fusion program too.
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Is it a DXF file with that extension (xxx.dxf)? If so, are you trying to “INSERT”, because that is how it gets into a Fusion 360 drawing.

Drop the file into a post and one of us would be happy to look at it for you.

Another thing you could try to do is to see if it will convert to an SVG file. If it is a virus, I would doubt that a virus could result in conversion to another ‘lifeform’ such as an SVG file. If it can, well that is pretty sneaky.

Now there was someone a few months ago that was having trouble with getting a file to insert into Fusion 360 and after numerous attempts at updates and re-installs of Fusion, finally got it to work. I will try and find that thread.

Here is one that was solved with a new graphics card:

Here is one where the file type was wrong from the source:

Edit: BTW…still not finding the thread I was remembering.

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If I remember correctly, the DXF problem was related to a Fusion Update and a specific version of Windows.

FWIW - DXF’s insert with no issue on my end. Some may take longer than others (due to #'s of points / lines / arcs / etc).

Hope that helps.

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Terrance, I think that was right.

Thanks for the reply.
I have downloaded files from other sources and they go right to my download file and i can insert them into fusion with no problem but these files are in google and they seem to only give me the self extraction option from fusion and then it doesnt want to open. This is as far as I can get.

Try downloading from the cloud to your computer and then try extracting them.
Or bypass the cloud all together.

Thanks, i’ll try that.