Difficulties (At my wits end) with Fusion 360 program! Help!

That’s why they call him TinWhisperer!!!

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Looking at this, theses would be your critical dimensions

Wow that’s a lot cleaner than my drawing but I do see how those would be

This could have been 100 percent me posting this. I told my son, I’m not going to let it kick my ass. I’m not going to give up, but it sure gets frustrating!! I’m 71 years old and didn’t grow up around computers but the last few years of my farming, I used GPS. It was a struggle!! LOL


I was probably a little blunt on the subject title. I do have to say I’ve been very impressed and grateful for all the help the guys on here have given me though.

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Thanks Toolboy

I thought I would start with just a simple plate for a quick overview of Fusion 360.

It goes through the CAD and CAM processes.

This is my first attempt with audio in a video.

I feel like I want start making a series of video focused of using Fusion 360 for plasma specifically.

What aspect of fusion should I cover next?

@ImaStreetRodder I will do I video for your specific part but thought starting with a basic model first would be more helpful.

Project files from this Video

Example Plate.nc (2.4 KB)

Sample Plate v2.f3d (102.5 KB)

example plate.dxf (3.1 KB)

example plate.pdf (74.9 KB)


Fantastic job on the tutorial video. I regularly do YouTube content and my videos don’t turn out anywhere near as good as this one did. I look forward to seeing more Fusion/Plasma content.


I was going to offer a guy ( Lars Christensen ) on youtube that I watch for help with Fushon 360, but going through this thread and the video that TinWhisperer posted is so specific to Langmuir and what we need I had to post to say thank you. I am still struggling with Fushon myself. I knew it was going to be a big learning curve for me so I am just trying not to get frustrated and just keep chugging along.

Great Video


Thank you @DougsMessyGarage @JB69

Going forward what kind of videos do you think I should do next?

Anything I should add or remove production wise in this video?

Being restricted to 5 minutes in length ultimately is not going to work out for some of the more complicated content. What other platform for video content would you guys recommend?

Go ahead and make longer videos and put them on YouTube. You never know. You might end up getting paid for something that you appear to like doing.

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I watch a lot of youtube for all sorts of things. ( I do not watch too much regular TV, and I gave up the News altogether ) I have to tell you there is not a lot of how-to for Langmuir. The ones I have seen don’t go deep ( in my opinion ) I think you could do well if you focused on Langmuir and everything needed like software plasma cutters just to name a few. I like to watch the machines cut. It is cool, but you can only watch so many of those videos.

I have not rushed to complete the assembly of my table partly due to the cold weather ( Unheated shop ) but it will take me a lot of time to get Fusion down.

I have not even started to look at software to run the machine.

As for topics goes. You help a lot of people on here what is the most asked question you get asked?
I would start there.

good luck

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Oh, Also when you become a rich youtube star keep me in mind for a free TinWhisperer sticker to go in my shop.

LoL. LoL.


I wouldn’t want one of those! It would scare the hell out my granddaughter! :grimacing:


I would recommend you setup a YouTube channel. Once you setup two factor authentication, you are not limited in video length. I suspect many on this forum would subscribe given your knowledge on Fusion 360 and how it works with the Crossfire tables.

There is a fair amount of Fusion information on YouTube but not much specific to how Fusion interacts with FireControl. Also, the creation of flat panel parts from 3D shapes is something not as well explained as it could be.


A course in Aluminum metal working would be REALLY great!

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