Difficulties (At my wits end) with Fusion 360 program! Help!

This program is pissing me off !!! I have no background in AutoCad and really starting to regret buying this damn table !!! Is there a easier program that a damn beginner can actually use ?


Not sure what your trying to draw up but you will get a different opinion of what program is easier. I use Inkscape for signs and images. Then I draw up brackets and technical designs in solid edge both are free programs to use. Watch YouTube videos on the programs your wanting to learn. Only programs I have bought is sheetcam to make the g codes. My opinion is there’s not one do all easy program that anyone can grasp without some outside help. Don’t give up

I managed to draw the bracket I wanted but then trying to get it so I could print it out got the best of me! I spent almost all day trying to figure it out. My biggest problem is understanding the computer jargon and getting the drawings to the right format. I honestly didn’t think it was going to be so difficult. I’ve had the table for almost 2 months now and haven’t made a thing on it which is adding to my frustration.

you can always download form Fireshare on the langmuir site something someone else drew and try cutting it…

But why not tell us what program you are trying to use…we can help

We all know it’s going to be Fusion 360 @toolboy


that is where you great experience and brains come in

Tinwhisper was correct, fusion 360

Draw the bracket you want to make on a piece of paper put in all the critical measurements.

Take a picture of it posted on here.

I’ll see if I can make a walk-through video of that bracket to get you going.


Hey I’d appreciate that. I’ll get something drawn up this evening

@TinWhisperer yeoman service again! :beers:
I’m also interested in seeing that video walk through. I absolutely HATE conFUSION 360

Tim whisperer and toolboy have helped me alot !! So good to see they put in there 2 cents. And helped !!! Quit picking on each other toolboy and Tim… And HELP HIM !!! Ha Ha !! Love you guys !!!

YOU Rock!!

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Ok here’s what I’m trying to draw and be able to print it out to test fit. I really appreciate the help beyond words. If there’s a dimension missing that you need let me know.

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I’ll need to know where the holes are in relationship too any other measurements on there.

And the distance of the holes center to center.

But I can definitely start with this and make some assumptions.