Delay in THC Shipments

The Langmuir Systems THC comes with everything that is shown on this page:

Unfortunately, the black plastic cases that house the Voltage Input Module PCB’s (VIM) are held up at Fedex in Shanghai as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. We are working with Fedex to determine when these will start moving, but it’s likely we wont be able to start shipping these out until mid February at the earliest. It’s frustrating that the simplest part of the THC system is whats causing the delay!

Thankfully, you’ll still be able to assemble and operate your machine (regrettably without THC) after you receive Box 2. We’ll start getting the THC boxes shipped out as soon as we receive the VIM cases.


Bummer, but understandable. Thanks for the update!

Thanks china :sob: :sob:

All good guys, it’s out of your control. Is box 2 still looking like February 14th ship date, or is it possibly going out earlier

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Thank you for the update!

I’ll spare a rant about over reactions to something with less than half the mortality of seasonal influenza as this season’s virus is expected to kill over 600,000 people this year. Based on the hysteria it may be weeks before we see anything coming out of China.

@langmuir-daniel is it possible to ship without the plastic case and allow us to 3D print one for ourselves in the event this stretches deeper into the spring?

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James, great idea!..

At the rate everything is going might have a complete machine by end of march if we’re lucky

I got a spare AppleTV case I could toss the electronics in…:stuck_out_tongue:

Im going to error on the side of caution and heed the warnings considering how fast this virus is spreading and how deadly it has become to those in China.

i wouldnt call it hysteria when the entire nation is on alert.

im no doctor, but im going to assume when it comes to viruses, what you dont know about them is more dangerous than what we do.

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Small Update: The packages show movement and we are hopeful that we can get THC units to ship out at the same time as the last PRO box #2!


Thank you for all the updates Mike.

yes, we really do appreciate all the updates! A company that communicates well to its customers is a successful one. I have never seen a better startup company than Langmuir by the way. Keep up the good work!


The number of people freaking out is no measure of the real risk of a situation. Its mortality rate is low (so far substantially lower than any seasonal flu or even SARs). The death toll for seasonal flue (influenza) is more in a day than have died of the coronovirus since its confirmed outbreak. Unfortunately influenza isn’t news. A new disease is. So it gets blown out of proportion. Almost as many people will die this year just in the U.S. of heart disease as will die of the flu this season worldwide. But again, not news so we don’t pay attention to the real risk. If you want to understand what a real global health crisis is you should read about the Influenza Pandemic of 1918.

Part of why China is struggling with this is their medical system is crap. There aren’t enough doctors or hospitals for normal illness & injury treatment especially in rural areas. An outbreak of anything quickly overwhelms the ability to respond.

But yeah, let’s shutdown a whole country after the horse has left the barn (it is apparently communicable before presentation of symptoms so the fact that we already have confirmed cases in almost every country in the civilized world argues there are many more that just haven’t presented yet). When your new iPhone or Crossfire or shoes or … aren’t available for 3, 4 or 6 months, will the fact that everyone is freaking make you feel better and less put out? It’s Fox News gone wild.

I especially love the run on face masks :smile: People are buying dust masks thinking that will save them. Or the silly blue scrub masks. The first don’t do anything about germs and the second are designed to prevent the wearer from infecting others, not to keep them safe from airborne germs. For that you want an entirely different design and it’ll cost you $15 for one, not $10 for 5 :roll_eyes:

/End rant against FUD/


Good info - I had calculated the death rate at 2.1% based on numbers I’ve seen (funny how the click bait journalists never bother to report this or put things in perspective) - so yeah - it’s not a big deal vs most other flu seasons. Of course, no one wants to get it, but the panic thing is just a little bit overblown.

I will say it’s impressive to see them building hospitals in 5 days.

I think part of it is magnified by short sellers - there was a confluence of events all happening at once - brexit, earnings season, inverted yield curves, the impeachment hoax and throw a flu headline into the mix and you are down 1000 points on the dow…lol - seen this movie before…Monday, everyone will be running with a recession headline, and by tuesday everything will be fine.

So even after all that, as I remove my tinfoil hat, I’m ok waiting on the thc cases :slight_smile:


I just found out one of my wifes patients who was in Saturday just came back recently from China. My wife found out today about it. A day late I guess. Anyhow Im gonna keep on cutting .

:biohazard::woozy_face: The only thing I’m worried about is if this was some ‘oops we dropped the vial’ and a monkey escaped from a top secret “research lab” that they are not telling us about…yet…
…but that’s highly unlikely…they tell us everything…:scream:

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Yea, Isnt it illegal to lie on the internet?

Probably? Anyway - thanks for the update LS…good customer communication is appreciated!

At least this whole Coronavirus deal isn’t playing out like the movie Contagion.
Great movie, frighteningly plausible.

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