CutControl 21.1.1 and limit switch problems

Bravo to the Langmuir team. Since performing the update to 21.1.1. I have accumulated over 10 hours of milling time without a single hickup. The machine has homed every single time, probed perfectly.

One thing to note for those of you that have adapted to a spray nozzle. Prior to the update. I have found that the X axis limit switch or any of them do not like the coolant sprayed on it. Upon checking the switch it had a sticky residue inside from the original coolant. It would operate but would occasionally hang up.
Just a heads up.


same experience here. much less restarting and homing of the software.


I used these.


5 micron repeatability
Ip67 rating
They have a lit led that shuts off when triggered.
Very precise.


Please send me a picture of how you mounted these. They look like a problem solver.

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I’m using the mini pc and touch screen that came with the MR-1 and I am unable to select the jog speed with the touch screen, I can select it with the mouse and I can select jog mode with the touch screen but seems the buttons don’t register. I keep trying and trying and it would occasionally select the Y+ button right below and must’ve also hit the window where you can type in the jog speed right before or after the jog button and the machine was stuck in Y+ jog until I closed the jog speed entry screen. The touch screen also doesn’t work with the drop down for tool setter and probe touch screen must use mouse was really hoping this would be fixed on the new version. Any one find a work around to get the touch screen to work?

So my temporary solution until I am able to cut some mounts with the machine itself

I can send you the CAD drawing if you’d like. Also, the part on the gantry that presses the switch has a metal insert that I made out of a washer. Just so the plastic wouldn’t deform and affect the precision.


They are 3-D printed and reuse the same holes as the switch.

Thank you. I ordered 4 of them this morning.
And yes, the cad drawing would be great. I don’t have a 3d printer but I will make them out of aluminum.

That is odd, I have been using the supplied mini PC and touchscreen since January with no issues before or after the update. Does it give you problems outside of the CutControl window?

I only use them for the Y gantry. I could not get my switches to sync well enough to keep my gantry square. This seem to fix the problem. I’ll send over the CAD. I’d love to see your finished aluminum versions.


It says that they are liquid resistant. My problem with the original switches are that the coolant drying up and making them stick 2 out of 10 times was driving me nuts. Me spraying coolant from my spray nozzle is an issue I hadn’t anticipated. I do keep from wetting them down as much as possible.
I will say that the change over from the supplied Langmuir coolant to the Fusion 2240 has stopped the dried maple syrup from forming on everything.

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Please share the file here. Planning to 3D print in carbon fiber nylon. This material would work like aluminum with no deflection. I think I will get 2 of them for the Y axis as well.

Thanks a lot


I think these are the same (or similar) for a bit cheaper price.

I was going to give these a go for homing. Has anyone used them before?

Magnetic switches are not in the same league of these. You will not get 5 microns repeatability. The current one used in the Mr1 are more consistent than the magnetic one.

Limit Trigger 10mm with insert v1.f3d (65.6 KB)
Limit Trigger 10mm v1.f3d (52.7 KB)
Limit switch holder v2.f3d (158.8 KB)


What do you consider out of square? It takes 0.012" of deviation between the switches to induce an error of 0.001" over 3". It doesn’t need to be within tenths of a thou to be extremely accurate, and I found 0.0004" repeatability in the langmuir switches in actual use.

My two switches were almost point one difference. Then it would change with temp.

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Hey Tony. Thanks for the files!