Cut-Ready Files not downloading on Fireshare

For the past week no matter what I am not able to download ANY cut-ready files from Fireshare. Changing from custom settings to as-is, etc… doesn’t change the outcome.

The browser will just spin for a few minutes trying to download and then the website will just timeout.

Anybody else having this issue or know a solution?

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There have been 7 threads started on this subject in the last 8 days. It’s broken and Langmuir has not said anything about fixing it. @langmuir-reilly any news on this?


We’re aware of ongoing site issues affecting – including FireShare – and are going to have a resolution applied soon.

However, we have not received reports of issues downloading cut-ready files; everyone that’s reached out to us has reported issues with registering new accounts. On our end, we have been able to download cut-ready files from FireShare without any problems. Could you please provide us with a link to the FireShare page where you are experiencing the issue?

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There have been multiple reports on the forum of users not being able to download cut ready files. As stated by @gch619 above, when you click to download the files, you get the spinning wheel of death.

There are no issues downloading the non-cut-ready files, so I assume the problem lies in the popup form used to download the cut ready files.

Here is a link as requested.

Moose & Bear | FireShare | Langmuir Systems




I tried to download this “cut ready” file yesterday, as a test, and It just kept loading and never completed. Fire Dept | FireShare | Langmuir Systems

I have no problem downloading other files that are not “cut ready”

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@gch619 Welcome to the forum.

In the mean time while fireshare get sort out let us know what files and parameters you are after and I am sure one of the member can put some files together for you.

This is the one I have been after trying to download 6 in flower | FireShare | Langmuir Systems

Thank you!

Here are the two I used for valentines this year.

Rose 2 tin.dxf (203.7 KB)
Rose 1 tin.dxf (137.6 KB)

One of them also happens to be the example I used for toolpath patterning in this video on twitch,

Hopefully that gets you going.