Cut charts for everlast plasma

Yes, but only on 3/8 thick and above.

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I find 1/4" aluminum has a tendency to leave a bevel on the edge more so then mild steel.
A 1/4 " hole in 1/4" aluminum always bevels some. Slowing the IPM alot helps but reduces the edge quality. at least for me.

I ve been trying to improve my 1/4" aluminum cut quality.

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My opinion is nitrogen is not worth the installation for anything less than 3/8. It does keep the edges from

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Hey Tin, Do you know how to get the Fusion simlulator to show the plasma tip. It use to but now it shows an end mill??? Tried everything I know about. It use to work till the last update. Now I will say it works perfectly cutting, just annoying.

For some reason in the September update they decided to switch from using the kerf width size to the nozzle diameter size in the simulator, Why??? I do not know.
To view the simulation correctly you will need to change the nozzle diameter to the kerf width in the tool settings.


Thanks pal.

Thank you that did it.

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