Cut chart for pro

Will there be any cut chart information for the pro table buyers with the Razorweld Cut 45? I figured Langmuir has been testing this setup and must have some cut information. Would be great to get some close settings after this long wait

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im pretty sure this has been discussed many times in the other threads.

the cut rates are mostly dependent on the plasma cutter and not necessarily the table. all the table does is move the torch head around.

Hence, purchasers of the pro with the Razorweld Cut 45

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Here is the link to the post. A spreadsheet is embedded in the post. Razorweld Cut Chart

that cut chart is all over the place

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not really.

banana guy knows what hes doing, chart is pretty simple to read.

the pro table has nothing to do with cut rates.
all the pro is, is a larger table. the cut rates are dependent on the plasma cutter, which has been covered already.

I understand. I purchased the Razorweld cut 45 as well as many others. Langmuir must have some settings pretty much locked down by now using the pro table. Just wondering if theyll have an actual cut chart for us

I don’t think you do understand. Please explain why the cut chart for the Crossfire with the Razordweld 45 is expected to be different than the Pro with the Razorweld 45?

As stated above, everything is the same for the Crossfire and the Pro - it has to do with the Razorweld, NOT the table, which just moves the torch.

I don’t own another table. Maybe worded incorrectly. Looking for a cut chart for the Razorweld 45. Thinking Langmuir has been playing with it long enough they could possibly share some settings. Also pro table has thc

That makes more sense. :+1: THC won’t affect the cut settings, it just keeps it optimal to what you set if there are any changes.

Anyways, somebody linked a post with the cut chart above, and it’s in pinned in one of the forums. That should be what you’re looking for.

all the table does is move the torch around.

your cut quality is going to be dependent on 2 things from the table. Speed and Height. those two numbers are universally interchangeable between any table.
The chart gives you those numbers.

the cut quality also relies on settings outside of the computer, like voltage, ambient air temperature, humidity, line pressure,plasma consumables, air dryers…

all the table does is move the torch around. the chart is for reference and is never exact. youre going to have to fine tune your machine.

We started a RW 45 chart awhile ago when the original table first came out.
I’ve posted many settings and comments with the Kerf widths also👍 And photos of the cut quality

The question you pose really can only have a general answer. The plasma cutter should come with cut charts but these are only guidelines. As eluded to by others there are many other factors that only you will be able to compensate for. It’s a matter of working with the equipment to fine tune the sweet spot.

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do you have a link to this table with the kerf widths?
i can’t find it, the only cut chart i could find was only IPM.

edit: update:
based on the comment below, i measured mine at 0.049" but i decided to leave at the default 0.055"

kerf width will vary by amperage, cut speed, cut height, and consumable life. You can only get an accurate kerf width by getting your settings where you want them, and then measuring the kerf with a caliper. If doing art stuff it doesnt have to be exact. If your doing mechanical things that have a tolerance youll want it as close as possible.


For my Razorcut 45 I have been using the recommendations for the hypertherm powermax 45 with great success. You will find a toolset for sheetcam in the software section of the forum.

Do you follow all the settings for the Hypertherm powermax 45? For instance it states 0 for pierce delay on 14 gauge

Good point. I have added 1 second to all of the tools because there is a delay in the Razorcut responding.

Kerf width you’ll find for your machine when you do your test cuts