CrossFire XL Expansion Kit Now Available

Hi All,

I am happy to announce that the CrossFire XL extension kit is now available. We expect the initial batch of kits to sell out very quickly so we have decided to offer these kits for sale to our forum community so that everyone here that wants one can get one. Tomorrow evening we will be offering the kit for sale to all CrossFire owners via email.

Here is the early access link to the product page where the kit can be purchased: CrossFire XL Expansion Kit – Langmuir Systems

The lead time on this product is 2.5 weeks since we are waiting to get the tubes back from the plater. Pushing to do better than that as always.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!


Who besides me dropped everything to order?


Hate being stuck to UPS shipping ($93) but I sure ordered the expansion…

Sheesh, I take 3 hours off to have dinner with a client and I miss this announcement. But it’s ordered and now the waiting begins anew :grin:

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**************** Guilty! ********************

yup going to find a 3rd party broker though, they really do charge too much. used to be 40 bucks now I think it was 60 … per shipment so in the end I paid 99 +60+60 for the freight and brokerage for the 2 shipments to get the crossfire here. This one is 49 shipping but the brokerage will still be 60 if I let them do it

JAMES! How can you even think of eating on a day like today? Good thing i told them to save you one .

Thanks man! I’da been fried if I missed the first run. Gonna do something about this whole work thing so I can focus on the important things :yum:

Ok guys a question i have is $150.00 usd is about $450 aus landed here as much as i would love to buy this kit i think i could up grade the x & y to 1200 x 1200 for similar money sourcing parts locally. So i suppose my question is if i change the lead screws what pitch do i order and do i have to change any parameters in the control box. Once again i would love to buy a geniune kit but to get it to oz it tripples the price.

Glad I saw this! Order placed

There’s a lot of info in the expanding table size threads (search will find them) from the folks who already expanded to 2x4 sizes on their own. Both the screw and the nut info (some of the folks who made their tables larger went with larger diameter screws so needed new nuts).

If you swap same diameter but longer screws you’re good to go. If you change the diameter there’s some updating in Mach for the new motor revolutions vs distance traveled. In either case if you’ve updated Mach to show a table size of 2x2 then you’ll want to update that setting too.

La la la de da, happy days are here finally!

Just got the email. Dropped everything I was doing and ordered it up :slight_smile:

Have been waiting on this kit to order my table. Order #7414

Seen everybody on the forum going through all that work on expanding their tables as soon as they got them. Kudos to those guys and their ingenuity! I just don’t have the time.
I knew it wouldn’t take long for LANGMUIR to come out with an extension bolt on kit😉…

Happy days

And I wonder what’s next in the making.

Can I order this with a new lead screw for the x axis. Mine has been sitting and both lead screws are rusted pretty bad

Shoot an email to and they’ll send you a custom invoice that includes the XL kit along with a new X axis lead screw. That way everything ships in one box.

Will do. Thank you for the quick reply