CrossFire Pro power supply

Today, my table started working erratically, stopping and hanging up with no power to move carriages. It turns out my power supply gave up its cards. When I checked it, it only showed 8 volts. I tried adjusting the voltage pot and could only get it to 20v.
We installed a new 36vpower supply, and we are back in business. This is the second time this has failed in several years. Well, the whole point of this is for you guys having stepper motor stalling problems; this is an item to check first before disassembling the machine and drivers, etc. The table will not work correctly without 36v to drivers.


Not so quick there buddy boy. You can’t just be doing “drive by posting” here!

Have you had any good cuts…dry air…consumables okay…torch mounted correctly?
What software are you using? :rofl:

Seriously, Top notch diagnosing and repair. Exactly what we have come to expect from you!!! Thanks for sharing. :upside_down_face: :innocent: :ok_hand:


My table/ Everlast works perfectly 99.9%
Of the time. Those power supplies are $40 per piece. I am glad I kept an extra on hand


I still have those couplers you recommended. Have not needed them but boy-oh-boy has the price increased. This is what I paid for three of them last March.

It is nice to have things on hand. You never know of the supply chain, storms, price changes!

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Would that be just a universal 36 volt power supply?

ALITOVE 36V 10A 360W Power Supply Switch Transformer Adapter AC 110V / 220V to DC 36V 10amp Universal Regulated Switching Converter for LED Strip Light CCTV Camera Security System
This is just an example. I opted for a stepper line 400w. But that is not required. The stock one is 300w


Thanks for the heads up! I like having spares too.

If you have the TB6600 Stepper drivers get a couple of spares of those too! POS for sure…


I have not lost one of those yet. But I do have a spare.

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Over time I’ve lost a few and have since replaced all the ones I had with different types. It only takes one failure ruining a job to cost more than the cost of a new set. You can get one DM542T for $20 on Amazon. And they’ll be quieter too - no more hissing Stepper Motors. You just need to set the DIP switches differently than the TB6600 drivers and maybe rearrange the wiring to the connectors.

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This is a great tip! The power supply’s output voltage being too low can be a sneaky issue, is definitely a good item to check while troubleshooting.

Here’s a PDF guide we created on checking and adjusting the power supply’s output voltage:
Adjusting power supply voltage.pdf (1.8 MB)

As always, be sure to take the proper precautions while handling the machine’s electrical components.


I just welded mine

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That’s another way to skin that cat! :rofl:

These are the couplers that came with my table. I guess they changed from the earlier versions.

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Yes…I heard that from another forum member. I am guessing with Langmuir using them, that could be possibly the reason for the uptick in the price now. Supply/demand

When I bought my table 2021, the coupler only had 2 screws in them. No room for 4 screws. I put a drop of loctite on mine when they loosened so that is probably why I have not had any further issues.