Crossfire Pro break in program

I am at the point where I need to do the break in program. What does the break in program do exactly? Will it just jog around and calibrate? Will it actually make any cuts? Thanks

I didnt use the Pro breakin. I did on the regular crossfire and it just jogged around to verifiy motors/box worked. I guess its just to verify its all correct and ready to roll.

The Break-in program just cycles X and Y to their extents. Just generally used to get the machine rolling well on the tubes and see if there are any issues over the machines travel. Definitely not necessary to run.


Thanks guys. Wasn’t sure what to expect.

Is there a similar function or break in for the THC?

No, and if you run the break in, you need to first jog the machine to the physical location of 0,0 (front left), then press zero all axis, then run the break in.


Thank you Greg. If there were any directions that mentioned a start point before running the break in program than I must have missed it.

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Program worked great when I moved physical location to 0,0 and zeroed out all axis before loading and running it.

My X axis lead screw vibrates a little when jogging at full speed at certain points. No problems at slower speeds. Do I need to worry about this or make some adjustments?

Does it make a chattering noise ? Mine did to but a few drops of 3 in 1 oil smoothed it right out.

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It may be this issue I addressed. Click the down arrow to read it all and see image


The screw on the end of the X axis lead screw was a little lose. I was able to move the washer around. I tightened it up by holding the lead screw with a cloth and pair of pliers. Will run the break in again and see if its better. Thanks

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Where is it ever mentioned in documentation to jog the machine to to run this break in program?

welcome to the forum…seems like once you read through all the instructions during assembly fr the Pro table


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Thanks for the reply. I’ve read it completely. Yes, step 4 says “run the break in program”. This leads you to the “Downloads page”. This lead you to download the “crossfire pro break in program (v1.6). That’s it. Where does it tell you to jog your machine down to the lower left corner and then zero out the machine, then run the program? What about those who have installed the homing switches and have homed the machine? If it’s in any documented instruction to jog the machine down and set to zero, then I may have missed it. I just cannot find any instructions to do this.