Connecting name to split letter monograms

I’ve downloaded the split letter monograms from fireshare, How do I connect the name to the letter so i can cut lines i dont need?

I did a walk through a while back of that exact same topic with screenshots but I’m having trouble finding it right now on the Forum.

It was for Fusion 360 though.

When I get back to my main computer I can take a look through it and see if I can find that file again.

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i use fusion, and thank you

I could quickly verbally describe how I go about it.

Start by extruding the monogram.

Now start a new sketch on the face of the body you just made from your extrusion.

Now hit p for project select the body again and project all the geometry to the new sketch.

Use your text tool to make text where you would like it on top of the sign.

Now extrude the parts that you want to add to the original body and make sure to use the join command in the extrude menu.

I’ll try to find that earlier post though I’m a visual learner myself and with the screenshots it makes it a hundred times easier


yes, i too am and visual learner, thank you

your instructions were great, I was able to do it, thanks again

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can a quick frame be done in firecontrol to make sure the material is placed correctly?

There is another individual asking about the “frame” feature a while ago I think it comes up in some laser cutting setups.

You can dry run the program.

You could manually design in a frame into the g code then move the torch around with no cutting command.

But I also agree that that would be a half decent idea.

There is also the ability to readjust your origin while in fire control.

But an option like " frame" and some of the laser cutting programs doesn’t exist yet in fire control.

Gotcha, thanks. And yes, I have a laser and the frame command is fantastic. Thanks again

I found that walkthrough link. too late for you but someone in the future may want it .

thank you, If i need to cut small stars in a flag, would i have to change the tip to a smaller kerf size, or can that be changed in the software?

Depends how small it is but modifying your lead in lead out lead in radius and Pierce clearance may help fit it into small geometry.

You can put in a different kerf width to trick Fusion to make it happen. The geometry will be modified in reality though because the kerf width and reality will not shrink by lowering the number in Fusion.

Or you could use fine consumables for the entire thing if you would like.

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the stars are a little less that .45 inches tall. I tried changing the lead ins and lead outs and pierce clearance but is still cannot create the tool path for the stars.

Can you link the f3d.

It should be able to fit in there.

I cut holes that are .21 all the time.

ill send it tomorrow, have to work tonight. thanks for all you do

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1776 Flag v2.f3d (296.7 KB)
Flag v3.f3d (646.2 KB)

I’ve uploaded 2 files. the 1776 one actually cuts the stars, but not fully. I think its the kerf. the other is the one that will not cut the stars. thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

flag v3 's stars have very narrow pointy angle. At that angle I don’t think you will be able to cut it properly.

you could reduce your kerf from .78 to .055 that will help some and be more realistic.

I would try to replace those stars with stars in the 1776 flag v2 that have a appropriate angle .

also .125 lead in is very long you could half that. also add a lead out to prevent divots.

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i tried to change the kerf in the edit tool window but it wouldn’t accept it

When you go to edit your tool you’ll notice that okay is greyed out.

At the top of your tool menu there’s one tab that’s highlighted in red.

They’ve added some new values to the tool menu.

You must fill out these values before they okay button will become usable.

This is from the last Fusion update.

There is a topic in the last couple days that talked about it and I walked through the values a little bit. I can’t find it right now though.

I figured it out, also, I rounded the points on the stars and it cuts now. thanks again

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