Concrete for MR-1

Does anyone know if the concrete mix is supplied with the machine to ensure we get the same results as Langmuir got with these machines?

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Thank you, I missed that part.

I haven’t seen a discussion about it, I wonder what type of concrete is recommended? Normal ready mix bagged concrete shrinks as it dries. This could leave the machine’s pallet with a gap around it. It seems a good choice would be the non-shrinking concrete specifically made for grouting machines and structural components. Quikrete sells a material called Non-Shrink Precision Grout. It has compressive strengths up to 14,000psi, depending on mix. The important thing is that it has additives that prevent it from shrinking.

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Concrete is discussed ad nauseam under this topic - Three New Videos

Shrinkage is controlled by using a minimal amount of water per the Assembly Tutorial Video


My issue is temp. I have a heated garage as I will likely be getting my unit potentially in November or december? That means I have my garage and workshop heated to 60 to 65 degrees when I am not in the workshop or garage. It gets down into the 30’s to sometimes 20’s at that time could heat fluctuations outside effect the curing of the concrete?

Curing concrete under 50° f concrete will start curing slower.

Under 40° f some of the chemical reactions that should be occurring that end up creating the hardness of the concrete will not happen.

You should buy an electric heater for when you pour the concrete if there’s even any chance of low temperatures occurring.

After the concrete cures getting cold doesn’t matter anymore.

I do have some experience pouring concrete but mostly weird forms.


Thank you for the information heater maybe a good idea. That’s a nice ramp.

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Old video but may be interesting using concrete for a CNC base.