Comprehensive G and M code list for the MR1?

Hey all!
Looking forward to picking up my MR1 soon and getting started making chips at my home shop.
A little background on me; I program and run cnc mills and lathes as a profession, and in doing so I tend to write a lot of programs by hand if it’s something that doesn’t require me drawing models and complex geometry.
I have looked a bit around the forums and have been lurking while waiting for my order to be completed, and have yet to find a full list of G and M codes for this mill or Cut Control. I wouldn’t hesitate to use standard movement codes, but after seeing a recent thread where a G81 canned drill cycle was unrecognized it has me curious what all I can convince this machine to do! :grinning:
For example, I’ve browsed a few sample programs for the MR1 and have seen the use of G17 quite regularly, but I’m curious about being able to use G18 and G19 interpolations as well. Though not as common, there may be some projects here and there I’d like to mill scallops into a piece.

I know some of this will be answered when I get F360 all set up on my PC and start generating code, but thought I would pose the question to the fellas with the most hands-on time with these mills.

Any help is appreciated!


Bumping this one, mainly to bounce it off of Langmuir themselves. @langmuir-daniel ?
Understandably there isn’t a list available anywhere, and I could understand some apprehension toward releasing a list since the CC software is under (probably) constant development.
Would it be a possibility to maybe drop a table of G and M codes into the CC software in a future build? Something that could be updated along with future builds that may include added features through G and M codes.

One thought is having the ability to use a sub program, similar to Haas’s M97 code to go to multiple locations and perform the same actions on a piece. It would clean up the G-code quite a bit. I understand it appeals more so to someone like me that reads G-code like a book than some other users, but it would be nice to create subroutines for threading especially. 20 lines of code for 30 holes becomes a wall of text, but using subs would make it much more navigable.
Just food for thought and my 2 cents.

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The backend is Grbl so it is safe to assume that any codes Grbl supports, the MR-1 supports.

I know it does G18 & 19.
I also know it does not support subroutines (M98/99)
I haven’t tried but my understanding it does not support G81, 82, 83 But that doesn’t really matter with Fusion 360 as the PP takes care of the drilling cycles

This should give you a good idea of the supported commands: Grbl V1.1 Quick Reference –


Awesome! I guess I missed the Grbl info somewhere in my browsing.
That will give me a base line to run from. Thanks @FabLabRacing

@langmuirsystems - Can you provide what Grbl codes are supported. We need this info so other post processors can be created. We are in the dark without this info.

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Got some info from LMS support.

G and M codes function identically to a Fanuc controller so you should be able to use that information. The major differences is that our control software doesn’t support tool changes so programs will have to be written one tool at a time.

It’s not the same as a Fanuc, the drill cycles also don’t work. I wish they had docs.

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Definitely not the same capability as fanuc.
I have yet to try sub program call ups like M97 and M98, but I’d hazard a guess they wouldn’t work since it seems like the supported stuff are all the base movement abilities.
Would be cool if they can/will add support in for some cycles and other enhancements, but I’m not sure what their limitations are with the base system.

That is the response I got back from LMS support which they got from the programmer though the ticket I opened up.

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