Can someone send me a link for a cut chart for a razorweld45?

CAN SOMEone please send me a link for a cut chart for my razorweld 45?? something that is RECENT so i can print it out and laminate it ? thank YOU

There is no cut chart for the Razorweld 45 with the X45 torch. You really don’t need one it is set up from the factory to do all your cutting at 45 amps and 75 psi. For thin metal you cut fast and thick metal you cut slow.

What speed would you use for 14 gauge and what speed for 3/8” all mild steel

If you are asking me this no matter what I told you it would only be a guess. It could be right on or total wrong. All this will depend on your setup.

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I use around 30 amps and 80 ipm on 14 ga and 45 amp and around 12 ipm on 3/8 there is a thread with link to cut chart on here it is pretty close

Thx for the info. Do you have the link for the thread with the cut chart

On forum main page go down to plasma cutter first topic

You may want to read this post. There is some cut charts in there. But they most likely won’t help as you have a plasma cutter rated at 45 amp with a 80 amp torch and the smallest cutting tip you can get is a 1.0mm/50 amp that has a .040" orifice hole.

What I would recommend is getting a IPT60 hand or a IPTM60 machine torch and wire it for your plasma cutter. That way you can get different size cutting tips so a cut chart would help get you in the ball park.

Thx M416…….

Hey M416 would iptm60 fit my plasma cutter and what would be the benefits to upgrading to this torch?

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Thank you for the advise TomWS

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I think I answered these questions in my last post, but I will do it again.

Yes the iptm60 will work on your plasma cutter and you can get different size cutting tips. Because the torch you have now does not offer different sizes.

Thanks guys for the help