Can someone help or donate some brain cells?

I keep getting random no cuts on my design, torch doesn’t fire over different letters on different cuts.
Crossfire XL
Primeweld cut 60 (60amp consumables 0.045) cutting at 35amps/55psi
14 ga plate
90 IPM
Pierce delay 0.7s
Using Sheetcam with outside offset
90 IPM
reverse cut direction
Lead in Arc 0.15s
ground clamp directly on the steel plate

I can change pierce delay and lead ins, amps and IPM but still getting the same issue.

I can go back to lead in points in Fire Control and finish the missing pieces, just wish it would cut it all on the first pass.

Help is appreciated.

Check the condition of your consumables and orientation of your swirl ring. Once or twice I had a cut not start properly like that and it was a problem with the consumables.

No guarantees, but it’s the first things I’d check.


Laptop or desktop computer? If laptop try unplugged from power. Make sure you have a USB cable to the control box with multiple ferrite chokes to cut down on electronic interference.


Using the Primeweld cut 60 with the IPT60 torch, the swirl ring on that torch can go either direction, on my 3rd set of new consumables.

It’s a laptop using the USB cable that came with the table, unplugged the laptop, ran the design 2 more times with no luck.

you have provided great information…except one I think might be important…might…

Air…how dry is your air and what size of compressor are you on…?

it almost looks like you do not have enough air to finish some cuts…

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@toolboy why you gotta bring up my compressor??? :smile: I intentionally left that part out cause I didnt want that to be the first thing jumped on… yer killin me smalls.
Air is dry, I drain the tank every night and have 2 dessicant filters plus the one installed inside of the plasma cutter.
Harbor Freight special. 4CFM @90psi 27 gallon tank, when the tank is full I can cut the entire 4x6 design and the compressor never comes on.
It could still be an issue but this is a pretty small and simple design.
Torch doesnt fire over the letters/numbers which are cut first but the outside cuts perfect everytime, I would think if I was running out of air it would not fire on the longest cut…

The swirl ring on the Cut60 is directional. Just because it can be flipped doesn’t mean it should be. The small holes in the swirl ring are intentionally in a spiral and should be one way only.


Here is the thread on swirl ring direction:

There is a photo further down in that thread along with explanation of what is considered the top and bottom.

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I have been in contact with George, one way swirls air to the right and the other way swirls to the left, it has been flipped back and forth several times with no difference.

I’m not going to argue on the swirl rings. They are directional on that torch, even George stated that.

Are you setting your air on the plasma cutter by using the “air test” switch and getting the correct PSI? If so increase by 5PSI.

I have the CF2x2 OG, Cut60 and had the same issue initially and resolved it through verifying clean air, correct air pressure via air test, USB cable with more ferrite chokes, running my laptop on battery while cutting, new consumables and verifying swirl ring. Only difference is that I have to use Mach3 instead of Firecontrol.

My original USB cable only had one ferrite choke. How many are on your USB cable? I grabbed one from a box of cables I had with more chokes.

Make sure air pressure line coming in is not above the machine limit. I think it’s 90PSI or close to that.

Are you on 240V line?


I agree with pretty much everything you posted but the ferrite choke. From the particular issue I had, and the way his issue is presenting I will be surprised if that makes any difference (I’ve definitely been surprised before). My suspicion is swirl ring backwards or on something less than clean consumables, but your air supply line of questioning would be a close second for things to dig into if I was him.

I too run a Cut60 with the machine torch.

Edited to add that I look forward to finding our what the final solution ends up being. I suspect this is not the first or last time someone will experience it.

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I’ve got the same cutter and I had all kinds of problems where it would cut fine and then cut like crap. I followed the directions on here on how to put the swirl ring on…my interpretation of it was incorrect and my swirl wrong was on backwards. Once I flipped it it cut great.

I added a usb isolator and a longer usb cable. The longer usb created more issues but the isolator without the longer usb cable fixed my issues


Man, I really appreciate all of the replies for help, but a man must first help himself…
I read these forums for months before deciding to buy the table, I learned almost every trick in the book from all of you that have been through the ups and downs of setting up a new machine.

This forum and all of the members is the #1 reason I decided to make the purchase, you are an awesome group of people.

But somehow I managed to miss the most talked about subject… ya’ll ready for this…
I had water in my lines… < going to hide under a rock now :angry:

What actually happened was someone broke into my garage and put water in my compressor tank, I don’t think any of you will buy that story but I’m sticking to it…

Thanks again everyone.



I had that happen to me too! Odd… never caught the bastard. I found a way to keep him away included a MotorGuard 60 right at the Plasma cutter. It must send out some kind of vibes that those nasty water infiltrators don’t like. Just sayin’

It’s only funny because we’ve all been there. I forget who it was that kept saying his air was fine and I was like, bro, just tell us what your air setup is. Followed by, yeah that’s not enough. Lol.

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funny…I think that same some one poked at me for even suggesting there was a compressor problem…when I asked…heheheheheh…

Cutting like a champ now, made a 10x10 sign for the front door



I have the CUT60. How does one determine correct swirl ring orientation?

trial and error…
cut some straight lines and some circles…then flip over the ring and cut again…look at the differance.

I actually made a test [pattern that has circles…zigzags…straight lines…round…wavy lines…I use it to determine what works best with what metal.

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