Bevel in my cuts?

So I’m running a Hypertherm 65 and am relatively new to this. On any given cut I end up with a bevel of about 30 degrees. I have messed with the cut speed, amps air pressure and double and tripple checked the square of the torch. Any Ideas or input would be greatly appreciated.

welcome to the forum…we can certainly help with this…
so again welcome…I would like to add that there is a little search feature on the forum by using the magnifying glass on the top right…and by clicking on it and typing “Bevel cuts” you can get a lot of information…
but we are all here to help so here is a great thread for you to read…it may not be your exact plasma…but the theory is all the same…

again…welcome and if there is anything you need help with…we are here

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Have you compensated for the extra height that Fire Control adds to the cut? Go here for an explanation: Torch height wont change - CrossFire ® XR - Langmuir Systems Forum

This is the bevel we’re getting after compensating for the extra torch height.

1/2" mild steel plate, 85 amps, 43 ipm. Close enough to perfect.

Thanks for the tip I’ll look into the height and see if an adjustment fixes it.

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I had the same problem with my first cuts and a couple of the members on this forum where very helpful. I ran test cuts using circles. The diameter of the cuts at the bottom of the steel plate where smaller than the top, It was the torch height. Mine was set to high. Once I lowered the pierce and cutting heights the problem was corrected.

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I fooled around with the heights a bit and it did make a mild difference but created additional problems with dross and cut quality. Also some firing issues…I’m too green at this I think that I’m finding out that the problem is with the LS- THC so I’m thinking about turning it off and manually programming the ARC volts and ipm to see what happens. Either way thank you for the info. I’ll go back and mess around with the height again if the manually programming doesn’t work out.

I have the hypertherm 65xp and if you are cutting above 60 amps on anything 1/4 or below the cut speeds are going to be pretty fast. In my experience there is not much you can do with the flame whipping around the corner and also contending with flame bend from hitting the slats. You can try adding a rule set to your corners, slow them down by 40%. Run nominal voltage. Your book will say around 125v but just match it up to the speed, amps and material thickness. One last note, metal warpage plays a big roll in bevels. Anything over 100ipm is just fast for the flame and it will bend. 11g isn’t as noticeable but 3/16 is my pet peeve bc it wants to cut fast and bevel shows up the most. 1/4 I cut at 80 ipm. With brand new consumables I can get little bevel, if i slowed down I could get less for sure but more dross, so then you can play with turning amps down and speed down. Dry Dry air also is a biggy.

yeah I try and run 45 amp consumables on andything 1/8 to 1/4 at 45 amps and have had mostly good luck. we don’t run a lot of thin metal the majority of what I run is 3/8 and up. I like the idea if setting up rules, I knew I could but have not taken the time. I have just been programming peer cut in sheetcam.

45 amps Id say is less prone to bevel bc its cutting slower and less flame to deal with. Just look up how to do rule sets, its easy. Slow corners down. But I’v yet to see how you can add two rules per program. So say you have holes and corners. Holes I slow down and now some corners Iv been slowing down. Today while cutting I got some parts with decent edges and some where you can clearly see the flame hit a slat and it throws it off creating really bad bevel, but Im cutting 120 ipm on 3/16. If I were on 45 amps I use to cut way slower, Im on 65 amp machine and I cut a little less than that but on 11g I bump down to 52 amps and 180 speed. I found that the best so far for me.

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