Better laser guide mod?

Pretty darned cool actually! …well done! :beers: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I would be interested in the file for cutting the mount. Looks good.

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I put the file in FileShare

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@JPep that is really out of the box thinking…how much does it bounce around on faster cuts…120ipm? you need to readjust much?

not much, but it is not used or needed when you are cutting…just for alignment before cutting.

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Loved this project, unfortunately had a non-machine X45 torch. So I combined an older project that kept the torch from rotating during movement with laser mounts.

Very exciting!
torch and laser bracket.dxf (4.7 KB)


Did you wire the lasers into the electrics on the CNC or are you running a separate power supply for them?

Love the idea

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I have power going to a inexpensive disconnect which feeds to a double outlet. Both the Langmuir box and a power supply for the lasers are connected to this double outlet. So, when I turn on the disconnect (which is right up front), the computer box turns on and the lasers light up. It’s nice because you can instantly see when the unit is under power.

2022-01-01_9.35.39 AM

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Another great idea, thanks! I have a leftover estop from another project so I’ll add that. Thanks for all the legwork on this!

could you link a usable power supply for the lasers? Im ordering the lasers and mounts now but dont have any clue on the type of power box ill need for them

They are just 5v powered and I cut the plug end off an old 5v phone charger transformer and used this for power. You do need to have the polarity right.

alright ill wait til they get here and then look for a good 5v source, im sure i got one laying around

The lasers I have state that the longest life will be achieved sourcing 3.2V to them but since the lifespan will be thousands of hours at 5V it isn’t a big deal.

I actually wound up buying a pre-made kit of a laser and a mount that comes with a USB adapter and a wall plug, just gonna join the USB cables and run it to my computer to power them easy

here is my latest rendition of a laser mod


in case anyones wondering, the 4 screws that mine needed to mount the bracket to the Z were m3 x 6, my lasers will be here saturday so this weekend i should get it setup finally

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I found that having my lasers so low was causing them to get very splashed during cuts, so their performance was then impaired.

mine are high enough I have no problems…mine are actually higher than the X gantry

Man I need a machine torch. I need to do some more looking and thinking, but I don’t believe that there’s a good way to do this with the hand torch mounted.