Best water table fluid and/or additives to keep water from freezing?

Hi. Minnesota CF Pro rookie just setting up my table in a (soon to be) cold, below freezing Minnesota garage. I’ve searched the forums for 1,000 ideas and am more confused now then when I started. If someone with actual anti-freezing water table experience could simply tell me what to buy…I would GREATLY appreciate it!

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Heat shop do not put antifreeze in water table. Toxic. Or could put a 1500-watt block heater in water horse trough heater would work to.


@jpaavola This thread goes through the anti freeze topic indepth.

I let it freeze just like me in the shop.

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as it has been stated over and over…it is not the table fluid I would be worried about…it is the electronics and motors that can get condensation from hot/cold changes…

and do not add anything other than what a plasma cutting fluid supplier has made…


I will have it heated but not 24/7. Only used weekends. I am looking at a few options for farm feeder tanks. I just need to keep disk away from the cut area.

Your favorite water table fluid?

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Tru dat! Ice expands tho. Might be a lil hard on the tanks. Especially the seam in the middle but I will likely weld the two tanks together to skip the forewarned leaky seam issue.

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I just drain and dump my water after every use in the winter. 15 gallons

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It’ll be fine, think old school metal ice cube tray. It will expand up since there is no resistance.


You remove heater when cutting, just use when not using table. I use plasma green in water.