Batch 2 shipping

Just got a not that my plasma cutter has shipped. I’m in batch #2, so hopefully this is a good sign! I know batch 1 is still shipping, but hopefully while they’re working on the last of batch 1boxes, they’re getting some of the batch 2 stuff ready. :slight_smile: Anticipation is killing me, though not as fast as the COVID-19…


I’m order number 11856, Batch 2. Just got email about the creation of the UPS label for my RazorWeld CUT 45. It is starting to feel real! Must be making room in the warehouse!

ORDER #9183

“One item in your order is on the way“

Batch 2 has begun!!! Let the boxes begin…

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Order #9400
I haven’t got anything yet, but i didn’t order a plasma cutter. I did already receive my machine torch mount though.

Order # 11856. Update. RazorWeld CUT 45 has been picked up by UPS and is in transit, arriving tomorrow by the end of the day. Yahooooo! Box #1 of 5 boxes since I also ordered the THC.


Order #9181. Razorweld Cut 45 shipped 3-16-20. Estimated delivery: Friday, March 20, 2020!!!


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Mine is #9151 I have all parts except box 2

That would indicate that not all of batch 1 customers have received box 2. The last order number that is part of batch 1 is 9163.

#8998 still waiting on box 2 myself! :dizzy_face:

Order #11818

My Razorweld 45 arrived today.

Order # 11856. So did mine!

Order number 12078 and looks like the Razor weld cut 45 will arrive tomorrow. Woohooo

Order #9183 just received notice 2nd shipment (laptop stand) is on its way! Let Christmas begin!

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#9400. Received confirmation email that the laptop stand is on its way. It’s starting to get real !!

#9964 - THC on the way. Whooohooo. I hope it gets here before the beer virus.

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Box #3…Automatic Torch Height Controller is on its way as of today!

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Yup! Not expecting everything for a bit yet, but it’s fun to start getting stuff!!!

#9400. THC Confirmation Email. Shows it’s on the way. I need to get my shop set up. I’ve been slacking!

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You’ll probably have some extra time.

On Edit, sorry don’t mean to make light of the situation. This isn’t something Langmuir has any control over.

Hardware stores are exempt and it could be reasonable to label LangMuir as related to hardware. Or am I just wishing too much? Harbor Freight and Lowes and Home Depot are remaining open.