Bar sink drain dimple die

@FlipFlop Just shoot me a message when you’re done with these and ready to send them to their next destination.

@psutex. I’d like to get on the waiting list for these dies as well…

Special Thanks to @nortonscustoms for sharing his information and sharing the dies with this group.
This is the way the internet should work…not sending selfies and bashing others hiding behind the internet.
I have a restored faith in the world.


Well said, and I couldn’t agree more. @nortoncustoms willingness to share the dies has helped a bunch of us out here. I am very thankful as well.

Hang around some. You’ll find lots of good help and fun people here too. It’s one of the things that makes this a nice little corner of the Internet.

Will do. It should not take long.

Well I’m not sure about restoring one’s faith… :grinning: But the mod does help drain the table faster and saves the hassle of climbing underneath to pull the plugs.

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Who’s next in line? I am finished with them.
Send me a name and address and I will get them sent off.

I believe i’m next.

Austin Garrod
227 155th pl se
Bothell, WA 98012

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I am on a list, but they must be lost, back in Sep
If there is a newlist my name
John Kelly
6915 Pecan Ave
Orangevale CA 95662

late to this party, I HAVE THE DIES NOW. life got super busy so i need a few days to use them, then ill get the passed on asap . whose next, JBARK??

see below sir!

this is genius

I do not need the dies now, I ended up going a different direction. There are a number of names on the google doc that are in line for the die.
Thanks John

Where is the list? I will be turning a set today based on @JDE drawing for my table, and can ship out mine when I am done.

All this work with a hole saw, wonder if I just drop my cutter way low and run a cut program…

I believe the XR guys are passing a set of dies around as well. They have a thread with a distribution list.

Well, I made a dual die. One side is for bar drain, the other is the OEM drain.

Should be able to get my drains installed Monday or Tuesday, then I can get these into circulation.

I need to find the guy with the MOD2 OEM drain die. His numbers on the .pdf of the drawing are off. That was fun sorting out.

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To cut the hole for the drain, I used the bar sink drain a 2 inch hole. I have put in many bar sink drains and depending on the sink manufacturers i have seen 2.25 inch holes. To cut the holes in the pans i used a 2.5 inch diameter pipe about 3/8 cut off. I welded a tab onto the outside of the pipe to make it easy to hold. Then i used my Hypertherm to cut the hole using the inside of my cut off pipe. It does not need to be perfect. I ground the bottom of pan with 120g and used drains from Amazon, about $6.37 each, Moen. I used plumbers putty and I filled it two days ago and still holding water in the tray.

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Well all done, The amazon drain suggested way above SUCKED. So gotta go to Home Depot and get a decent one, Die worked well
2” hole saw through the existing drain worked well

Whose next?! Idk where the list is

Tortilla man want it back…?!?

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All I also don’t know where the list is but I would like to get in line if possible…

G Moon 5418 E Florian ave mesa AZ 85206…

@Rug15 - Which one? I found at least two, I did order one of them.

What sucked about them?