Assembly / Berrings

Started to assemble. I am not sure I am doing the gantry bearings correctly. The torch holder will move with ease back and forth. But the bearings blocks on the Y-axis move but not easily. I have searched on here and readjusted from the beginning 3 X. I also checked the rails to make sure they are parallel. Any thoughts or in input are welcome.

I don’t want to continue the assembly in case there is something I missed or need to redo.

My gut is saying they are too tight but I followed the instructions and even went back and watched a video on here.

Assembly tips for new table owners

I found this post last night, I will try again this morning.

I am still not happy with this and have not moved on with the rest or assembly. This last time I did adjust as per the instructions then backed off 1/8 on the adjustment on all of them. It got better so I then went and loosened all of them another 1/8 turn. This made it even better but now there is lash.

Same here, but i finally figured it out. Its supposed to be looser than you expect, then tighten down. Just did this yesterday.

Watch this video at about 14:45


I will try this

Thank you.

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