Completed Step 5 - How much resistance to expect on Y & X axis? - SOLVED

At Step B5/B6:
B5: Cycle the Gantry Assembly back and forth along the Y-Axis Rails to make sure that it moves freely. If it does not, repeat previous steps to make the Y-Axis Rails parallel.
B6: Verify there is no lash/play between the rolling carriages and the rails. If there is, repeat Step 3 of the previous instruction set to further pre-load the adjustable.

How much resistance to expect when rolling Gantry Assembly along the Y-Axis?
It takes a light-lightmedium level of effort to roll the Gantry here. if I was to push it, it would not really glide far at all, just smoothly stop.
Does that match with yalls experience?

Is there any adjustments for the X-Axis?
As I push the X/Z Axis Carriage Assembly back and forth on the X-Axis, there are several areas where it lightly binds then areas where it rolls very smooth.
Is that expected?

To my eye the X-Axis looks straight, the bearings on the X/Z Axis Carriage Assembly seem to turn pretty easily. The bottom bearings are not making contact, which seems odd.

Any feedback appreciated, thanks

mine glides pretty freely. I just finished that section yesterday. when your doing the preload adjustment be aware that not all bearings will contact the rail, don’t keep adjusting the set screw in till they do either!
when it says just until 1 touches that what they mean. when your done, you tighten in the bearing block cap screws and this pulls it in even further so turn the set screw just until one bearing on the opposing side starts to contact the rail. make sure no lash and move onto the next one. also the squareness of the frame is critical. I use welding corner squares clamped on each corner. it set me up to within a 1/32 on the first A & B DISTANCE MEASUREMENT. and you will have some slight resistance but it should move freely without any excessive forse to push it through its travel.

the breakin run will help at the end of the assembley with the final clearences just like it does on the Regular crossfire 2x2

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Mine slides relatively easily with light/medium pressure. I don’t feel like I was “pushing” it. It doesn’t “glide” but there’s no extra resistance anywhere on the rails.

For the X axis issue you’ve got I think you need to look into why it’s binding or rough at different places on the rail. It shouldn’t do that.

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Same here. Its not buttery smooth but close to it

Thanks for all the replies yall.

I can lightly push with one finger the gantry across the full range, that one is probably fine.

X-AXIS aka Problem Child?? :
I can push 1 finger push with light pressure to the middle then takes light-medium (absolutely a change in force) to move about 6" then back to light pressure almost to the end, then another area of light force.
I tried Flitz polishing the middle region, not really any change to the effort required.
Next move is probably pull the bearings and inspect/compare.

If I tilt the XZ Assembly back so it only rides on the back bearings it feels smoother. Thats why I was thinking bearings or gantry beam surface.
Is it worth proceeding before resolving this? My thought was it will hurt accuracy if I dont resolve this before proceeding…

Fixed the binding issue on X-AXIS.
The XZ Assembly has 2 adjustable bearing blocks. Those needed to be tweaked to allow all bearing surfaces to contact the gantry beam. Now I can push lightly with pinky finger the XZ Assembly across the entire range of motion.


Thank you for the follow-up!

what does that actually mean.
are you messing with the y axis bear blocks that the gantry is attached to?