Any Ideas on better coolant?

Does anyone have any recommendations on a better coolant for the MR1? This stuff mixed correctly is awful. It etches aluminum badly. It turns into maple syrup over night. It coagulates in the drains and holds metal chips like varnish in the drain holes. There has to be a better alternative to this crap? The whole machine, windows, doors, carriages are covered with a film. Its taking more time to clean up the machine than make parts…
Sorry just venting !!!

This is after 3 weeks of operations.

I use band aid by Lenox in my lathes and band saw.


I’m going to try this stuff. Our shop has been using it for 10 years . Rinses off with water . Machine is cleaned with water once a month, it’s been close to a month since last cleaning. The rest of the time operator use compressed air to blow everything down at end of shift


I agree 100%. I took to spraying down my base plate and vice with WD-40 at the end of the day.

I am trying Fusion Cool 2240. Just put it in the machine yesterday. I’ll let you know how it works out.


Synergy 735 - Blaser Swisslube | Our Liquid Tool. Your Success.


We used Castro hysol. Would clean the windows and table/vices with crc 3-36 and any residue would come right off. For YouTube cred you wanna go with swisslube lol boom. (I’m sure it’s a great coolant too)


Hello, I have a question. I just getting to the facing the base plate stage and just got the coolant tub set up. I new to this and not sure how much water/coolant I should put in the tub. Also, did everyone use coolant when they faced the base plate or can you do it dry? Just trying to get my machine going here. :slight_smile:

Coolant mix is 10:1. 10 gallons of water to 1 gallon of coolant.
Yes, I used coolant during my facing operation. Just need a trickle.
But you don’t have too.
Hopefully this helps.


Thank you very much. I appreciate the help.

Please follow the video step by step. You don’t need a problem at this point. :grimacing:


Amen,lol Yes, I don’t need any problems at this stage in my journey…has been a long on at that.

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Hey, that looks just like mine. We can’t say they don’t looked used now. I have experience with Qualichem 251 in my 30 year old Hurco and it worked well. No sticky residue. Parts and vise were nice to work with, after a quick blow with air. May change over but just bought a extra gallon of the Universal, to keep the mix correct for now.

I bought coolant with the machine and will probably use it initially. At work we use Nusol Alumax with our Haas so I may try some of that in the future. Main thing is to keep things rinsed and blow dried.

Used a little blue magic aluminum polish and the staining came right off.


I changed our coolant out to this stuff. QUALICHEM XTREME CUT 250C | STAR METAL FLUIDS

I’ve also heard a lot of good things about Blaser Swisslube.

The “stock” coolant was in the machine for all of 2 days and I knew it wasn’t going to work. I had the same staining issues as others even on parts that were blown off and wiped down after machining. The sticky residue was also a huge annoyance because I couldn’t clean it off without something like brake clean.

I picked up the Qualichem stuff from my local machining supplier and mixed to a 8% mixture. So far so good. Better surface finishes in the cuts, no staining, blows off parts easily. It will leave a sticky residue if you leave it to dry but it washes off as soon as you touch it with more coolant or water so cleanups are very easy. It’s also significantly less sticky when it drys and I see it more as a rust preventative on my vises at that point. At the end of each day I’ll blow off all the machine surfaces, push the chips to one corner and by the next morning I can shovel them out without any wierd residue on them.

You can see here how this stuff doesn’t seem to want to cling to everything it touches like the stock coolant which is why it’s so much easier to blow off of things


I’m kind of new to this whole flood coolant thing. How long should you use a tub of diluted coolant before you have to replenish/replace it? It smells like the kind of thing that evaporates over time.

Once the stuff I got from Langmuir is “used up”, I may try another brand.

I’m not sure yet? I will check the level tomorrow.
Trying to buy some Blazer Swisslube. Can’t find a distributor anywhere in the US.
Anybody knows where to get a 5 gal pail please let me know.

I had very similar results with Fusion Cool 2240 as @Arcworxs_LLC did with the Qualichem. Night and day from the sticky mess with the Universal.

Left this freshly machined block of aluminum in the vice (wet) for 2 days. The coolant did get a little frothy while doing a deep pocket clearing. Most of it dissipated over night. No syrup drops, it does leave a thin film which wipes of easily. Chip cleanup much better. I will definitely be using this over the Universal and recommend this product.


So you are liking this JDE

You do like it? No aluminum stains?
Is it the blue or red they have many types.