Adding stop to code

How do I add a stop or pause in sheet cam
G code in between layers for tool change

Add an Operation->Insert Code
Something like:
“M06 (your comment here…)”

You need to make sure that your Mach3 configuration is set up to enable pause on M6

He’s got a Pro. No Mach3 for him :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, missed that. Does FireControl process M6 in the same way?

M6 - not sure on Pro. I’ve seen M0 - program pause being used by some other folks on Pro.

Check out this post for some info on adding code to sheetcam.

I like how Mach3 deals with the M6 code. Not only does it pause the program, but it, at a minimum, allows you to jog to a new position. But, to me, the best part is that it will run a macro M06somethingsomething (I forget the name at the moment) that I will use to move the gantry to a convenient place to do a ‘tool’ (AKA nozzle) change and then run another macro when you press Cycle Start. I don’t have an immediate need for the second part, but maybe I’ll discover one once I implement the first.


Now that’s a good question.

It does handle M0 the same in order to get a pause.

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No matter to me. I can’t see me going down the CF Pro path… 2x2 (with indexing) is plenty big enough for me!
I like how things are shaping up with the new Z addition (Crossfire Gets An Upgrade - Floating Z Axis Installed) so I’m not even sure I’ll need the THC mod (depends on how many indexed parts I make, I suspect).

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