Adding a rotary axis for tube notching

Hey guys,

Pretty new to the table and think I’m starting to get the hang of it pretty well. I do a lot of work with tubing and was wondering if anyone has successfully added a rotary axis for tube notching. Ive seen quite a few other topics posted about it, but not sure if anyone has actually done it.

I could be completely wrong but my idea is unhook the x axis motor and use another motor for the rotary that would plug into the x axis. Ive seen a couple home made setups that use a 3 jaw clamp system and maybe use a belt off that to spin it. Hoping someone can give some advise here.

There is a guy on YouTube that made a copy of the Crossfire with 3d printed parts and a belt drive. He made a rotary tube notcher by doing exactly that. Plugging the rotary drive motor into the X axis driver. I think it’s JD’s Garage.

His version was easier, because he was using the same belt drive system on the rotary motor, so it moved the same distance per step. You’d have to figure out how to match the X axis step rotation on the Langmuir system.