Actual schematic or electrical layout of connections on powermax 600. THC and on/off

I’ve been fully assembled now for most of the day and trying to get a clear picture of where to connect the wiring from LS to my powermax 600. I found one (just one) photo on this forum that was perfect for connecting the ground and torch to the THC module… only problem is the on/off location on the module. I’m assuming (dangerous) that it goes to the “DIV INPUT” on the module… but I dont know for sure.
I’ve let plenty of smoke out of electrical devices in the past, and would rather be sure of this before I experience the genie again…
any and all help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

thank you

I now see the port for the connection on the electrical box… my eyes are malfunctioning from the heat I guess…
Thanks anyways.

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@Kelico Welcome to The Forum

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Would you be will to show exactly what you have hooked up to you powermax600 im waiting for the powermax45 to come in the mail but want to hook up my 600 any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

Hey bud… sorry it took awhile.
I can go to our shop at some point but I’m away… from what I remember I used the info from this forum thread…. Wiring for Base Hypertherm 45XP (no CPC port)
The writers and actors on strike have shut down all film productions so our welding shop is closed until the resolution. I’m welding at another shop in the meantime.
I hope this helps… I gave up on the torch height control all together. Was a waste of money as far as I could see… wouldnt work EVER.

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Thanks for the help