Wiring for Base Hypertherm 45XP (no CPC port)

So I had a couple of items on my wish list.

  1. I wanted to use the regular hand torch with my Crossfire Pro. (To save the cost of a machine torch).
  2. I wanted to be able to easily still use my hand torch for hand cutting. (So none of this zip tie and move pin 6 to pin 8 on the torch plug stuff).
  3. Bonus: I wanted to save the foolish amount of money Hypertherm charges for a user installed CPC port and then CPC to spade cable.

Turns out, that its actually super easy. For the hand torch firing, follow the other instructions on this forum and just splice the orange/violet wires coming off the torch plug. This way the Crossfire can fire the torch and the torch trigger works as normal.

For the THC wiring, it would be nice to use divided voltage I suppose, and I thought I could perhaps get it directly from pins J17 on the system board, but Hypertherm tech support confirmed that J17 puts out a 20:1.
I encourage you not to be scared about opening the Hypertherm. Once you open your 45XP, clear and simple on the back of the system board is connections for raw voltage, nice and easily labelled. By using this, I was able to use the wires that came with the Crossfire Pro and not spend a single penny on anything. Crimp an end on, screw to board and get to cutting! Easy to install than the instructions for adding the CPC.

THC works great, and I can easily grab the torch off the table and use it as a normal hand torch.


so did this work? im trying to set up my 45 xp to my pro and having trouble

Works perfectly. I’m @bournegarage on IG, feel free to message me directly and I’ll help you if I can. But the pictures above show exactly how I connected mine and the pro gets perfect voltage readings and I didn’t have to spend a penny on cnc ports or cables

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okay cool, so on the circuit board in the plasma cutter, do you put the wires backwards on these? black on the positive and red on the negative, i couldnt quite see in your picture?

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Could you check for me what size terminal screws are needed? The image says M2, but the M2 screws we have are way too small for the threaded hole on the board.


If you have some spare screws lying around from an old computer they’ll work.

If you don’t have the right size screws you don’t have to use those terminals you can get arc voltage from the existing screws there plenty long to have two ring terminals on them.

Thanks, I found screws that fit.

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This is what ive been searching for! I knew there was another way than spicing. I appciate this and will be trying on my new 45xp

Just setting up my Hypertherm 45XP without the CNC Port. Question what is the box on the side of the Hypertherm that the 2 wires are going to? I have the Langmuir Built in THC Module in mine.

welcome to the forum.
the box on the side of the plasma cutter is the box that feeds information to your THC controller…it is called the Voltage input monitor…VIM
you have to have that to run your THC on the table


Thanks for the quick reply.

Where do you get the VIM? It did not come with my system?

did you order a table with torch height control…?
thatis the up and down Z axis control…

if you did it should have come with the shipment…if you did not order THC then you do not have it.

I ordered the Crossfire Pro with the Automatic THC. I have sent an email into Langmuir. No reply as yet.

if you used their support email support@langmuirsystems.com
you will be answered quickly…

They are m3x10mm