3d printed item Thread

Post your helpful items here to help out others. I know there are a lot of good prints on here and the Facebook groups this is just a way to organize them in one place. I’ll start with these for plugging the holes on the SMW vises. They have a ½-13 thread and have the MR-1 logo on them. Printed in three colors petg on Bambu Labs X1-Carbon.


I just got my p1p set up.Ill probably be getting a AMS soon so i can do multicolors.

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Good stuff man! I love this printer.

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I made these cable tie anchors for organizing the cables. They are held on with automotive double stick tape used for car molding. They are approximately 1 inch square.


Good idea but you can get a pack of 100 for about 6 bucks on amazon.

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But that goes against the whole motivation for buying these machines in the first place. Where else can I spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to make something I could buy for a handful of dollars already mass produced? :laughing:


Raising Chickens to get eggs comes to mind… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

I guess that was pre 2022?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is there a way to upload the 3D .stl files in the forum? I’d be happy to share a few items that I’ve created. Here’s one example, a little protective holder for the touch probe.


I think guys were converting them to a different format. Then once downloaded converting them back.

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Your probe protection tool holder is awesome!

Yeah, you don’t really even have to convert anything, just change the file name to a different “allowable” extension. It will give an error saying that the file may be unusable, but if you just say what file extension people should change it back to, it should work properly.

I’ve posted and tagged a couple MR-1 specific items on Langmuir’s “Fireshare” site they have for their plasma tables, and do the same thing there.

Fireshare Example

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2nd that the probe storage deal is awesome!

Putting all the parts on a searchable area (thingiverse, printables, etc.) would be cool. I’ve done the switch extension bit and it’s cumbersome. Surely Langmuir could open up the available file types to include .stl and .3mf?


Made my own probe storage. It uses two Keychain retractors off Amazon slightly modified.


I’ve upload the 3D printable Touch Probe Holder file here. After you download it, you will have to change the .png extension to .stl

Glad to hear that people are using it!


That’s an awesome idea! Nice work

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If you can’t upload it can you private message a Dropbox like or OneDrive link of it ti me ? I’d love that model if you can! It’s not letting me download that link

@ROVOR Was actually just coming here to say thanks and that I was giving it a test print now. So worked fine here. Actually printing as I type.

@ad5683 If you click “Download Project Files” at the top of the page it should download a .zip file that includes the .stl(as png) and the .jpg image file. Change the .png file to .stl (ignoring any warnings) and it should open right up.

Update* Looks like you can upload zip files directly on the forum here. So here’s the downloaded zip with the .png file extension already changed to .stl inside.

Touch Probe Holder - John - FireShare.zip (1006.4 KB)

Update 2* Print finished and works great! :+1:


@Arcnsparks That’s awesome. Glad it worked out for you! Enjoy.

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That probe holder is awesome. I decided to make a holder for the two sets of parallels.


Brilliant idea man. Love it.

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I love this! I went another way. I used the two screw holes on the top of the mill that weren’t being used for anything and printed one that stays on the machine plugged in all the time. Not sure if that’s a good idea.