20" x 41" single piece and only on my 2nd part cut, built an indexing jig

resize resize2 While waiting the two weeks for my plasma cutter to show up I spent the time getting to know Fusion 360 and Mach3. While playing around with a permanent marker in the torch holder on my CrossFire, I designed and built a swing away jig to cut larger parts on the CrossFire. It worked excellent! I will share it with you all when I get some time to refine it a bit. Right now the prototype is a bit ugly, made out of rusty scrap steel with remnants of old paint and some re-bar. The first pic is my first part that I cut. The second pic is the second part that I cut, 20"x41" part that I indexed using two tool paths and a single sheet of 12 gauge.


nice. i was thinking of something like this but not automatic. looking forward to seeing what you’ve done

Cant wait to see how you did it, we’ve been playing with this idea for longer stuff as well.

Awesome work, would love to see the jig if your willing to share

very interested myself!

Hey, that jig would be helpful. Been thinking about this. Be interested in the details.