2 x 48 belt grinder

I’ve been wanting to build a belt grinder, but 2 x 72 grinders are too large for what I need. I saw a Youtube video I Built A Better Belt Grinder…Here’s How - YouTube where a guy designed and built a 2 x 48 and it looked like just what I was looking for. He was kind enough to share the DXF files that he used, so I nested them up and cut them out of 1/4" material. There is one piece missing in this pic, because I forgot to add it to my nest.

I assembled it and tested it, to make sure it worked before painting anything. (I know the belt is on backwards)

The plans called for a plastic adjustment knob, but I decided to use one of the drops to cut out a knob and weld it to a bolt for the tracking adjuster.

I painted the steel parts and made a frame from some 1.5" aluminum tube that I had left over from another project. The frame allows it to be used horizontally as well as vertically. I just need to make another platen for horizontal use and get some more feet for the horizontal base.


Can you share the files?

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The files are available in the description on the YouTube video that I linked. There is a whole list of the parts used in the video, as well.

Wow nice work! You are setting the bar pretty high!

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This looks like the “House” grinder that he sold some Parts for.

Brian’s grinder is a 2 x 72. They all look similar, because there are only so many ways to run a belt around 4 wheels.

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Nice what is the taper on your wheels?

I don’t know what the taper is. I bought the set on Amazon. The drive wheel and the tracking wheel are both crowned.

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Wow! …very cool indeed!! :beers:

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Nicely done

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Now look what you have caused, I think I will build one early next year :crazy_face:

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I wonder if you could incorporate a disc with the drive roller?

I think you’d need a different drive wheel or you would have to drill and tap this wheel and design something to bolt onto it.

I don’t know what I would use a disc for that I can’t do with the belt, though.

Just a little wider surface to work with

Hi there I checked out the you tube video but didn’t see the downloads.

If you watch the video from a computer, click on where is says “more” in the video description and it in there. Here is the link to the files YouTube

Click on that link and it will ask if you want to go outside of Youtube. Hit “go to site” and it will download the files to your computer.


thank you very much for the help I .
I think I got them.

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Well then, looks like I’m building a belt grinder. This looks like it would be fairly straight forward to make longer support tubes and make it fit a 72” belt as well.


I think it would work to make longer supports and make it 72". The supports tubes are very short for the 48" belt.

Hey, awesome job on the belt sander!

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