1" plate cut recomendations

I have a small project to cut 1" plate with my Everlast 82i. I was wondering some feedback before I give it a go. Essentially it’s just a tab that gets welded to the end of a hydraulic cylinder that supports a conveyor. Might weld it to a nut instead and thread it onto the cylinder shaft. Not sure yet. If I can pull this off it will save me some where around 7000 bucks(yeah, i know… crazy) so I can use a common cylinder vs a factory custom unit. Need to make 3 pieces.

I plan to throw on my hand torch and crank it to 80amps. Play around with leadings to get an edge start in sheetcam. IPM is where i’m guessing… maybe 4-8 IPM??? should I keep standard .06 height? Should I put ceramic tiles at the bottom of my water bath for protection? I’ve only ever cut 1/8" plate and under.

Anything I’m over looking?

I’ve never cut anything over 3/8" but I am really interested to see and hear of your results. Please keep us posted.

I don’t see any reason it won’t work. Edge start, 80 amps, 6 to 8 ipm, 75 psi, .065 TH.

The 2 things that would cause a draw back is getting the torch square with the work and your air compressor being able to keep the air constant.

I would take a look at this video and others from him. This is the Gen 1 Mach3 version of the CrossFire but the parameters should be the same (likely a bit different for your cutter).


Hey cool! Thanks! …I forgot about that video. Will try some 3/4 and 1" next week just for giggles.

Thanks for the comments, just waiting for all the materials to arrive next week. I will keep everyone posted.

I designed the part in Affinity Designer and printed it to size. Anyone see any issues? Have any tips? Cutting next Mon/Tues when I get back into the shop.

Figured i’d make it removable instead of welding directly onto the shaft. I also dont know how to shaft is treated and made from.

This is the old one that I will be replacing. Looks like this was fabricated or rewelded years ago. Welds are sufficient but not something up to oem quality.

That should work fine. I would cut the outside but drill the bolt hole.

Man am I pumped. This is my first attempt. Dross came off with a plyers. 1" Mild steel. Everlast 80, 1.2mm tip, 6 IPM, 75psi. 80amp, edge start, .15 pierce height, .065 torch height. 3 seconds(probably didn’t need that much), water in table and ceramic floor tile lining the bottom of the water pan, used but good consumables.

I have a video, just not sure why its not uploading for me.

Welding Next!!! Thanks for everyone’s help.


It did come out well. I would have used a 1.3mm/80 amp tip and 80 psi but it did work.


Very impressive. I have not cut anything over 3/8 yet, very encouraged by your success.