Z-Up & Jog at the end of Cut


I am up and running. First weekend in operation, past the noise issues, etc. and starting to cut. While setting up the files for that perfect cut will take time, I want to do something that I Have not been able to figure out.

When I am done cutting, particularly at the edge of the table the Z-Axis stays down and remains in its finished position. While this is not a problem for the operation it makes a mess with the post cut air blow.

Is there a way in Sheet Cam to simply configure a relative move that would retract the Z Axis and jog so that the air is being blow into the sheet instead of the water table.

I thought I found the resolution using Move To, but the torch never shut off and I just cut a line.

Thanks for the help.

In SheetCam you can “park” the torch after cutting. Maybe this is a corner of your table where you have a 4" x 4" landing pad or something like that…

On the main screen in SheetCam you click “OPTIONS” then “JOB OPTIONS” and you will see a tab there “PARKING”… This is where you can get things set up…


Bill does it use work ZERO for that? So you need to know where you’re going to put the work and then work out from there where your landing pad would be, have I got that right?


Hey Scott… I THINK you’re right… I’d have to say YES it’s using the “work zero” only because I have used this in the past before limit switches (sitting here still not installed) and it didn’t crash…

Pretty sure I gave it coordinates of X-25" and Y 24" so a safe call on my PRO table with a 0,0 down in the lower LH corner of my table… I was cutting near the front…

Anyone else want to chime in??

It’s probably the only way it could work. Sheetcam doesn’t know about the machine coordinates so it seems like you have to measure off of work zero, I suppose whatever you put in the g code you can just run the torch to that location to place the landing pad. My problem is I don’t usually set the work zero in the same place as I move it around to spread the wear around.

This works as KX9M stated above. I was able to confirm that it is a relative move to the part origin.

So much cleaner. Thank you.


This is an awesome concept. I hate at the end of a program the torch just blowing water all over the place for 30 seconds!! Thanks for the tip!

It’s great! Glad I figured this out early. So much less water on the floor while I am figuring out everything else.