Z axis THC upgrade on Crossfire

Hello everyone. I just recently upgraded my crossfire with the z axis THC and a new Firecontrol controller unit. I am running a Hypertherm 45xp with the cnc port and the Langmuir plug and play adapter cord.
I attempted to do a dry straight cut run with IHC and am getting an alarm that states: “IHS fail. The torch is not in the expected initial state before starting IHS cycle. Ensure there is sufficient slack in your torch head”. I confirmed that there is plenty of slack for the hypertherm manual torch head. I also noticed that when manually moving the z axis, the actual distance moved is a lot less than the distanced chosen.
This retrofit kit required the z axis driver to be installed in the new controller box. Looking through pictures for the Crossfire manual, it appears that the #2 dip switch on the z axis driver is in a different position than the rest of the 6, but nothing was mentioned in the instructions. I distinctly remember seeing all the switches on my z axis driver in the same location.
Does anyone out there have any thoughts on these issues? A little frustrated after spending over $800 for just THC and Firecontrol controller box.

Thanks very much in advance,

welcome to the forum…we will do what we can to help.,

first double check your couplers…make sure they are tight.

can you move the Z axis up and down easily with the screen controls?

How can you tell the distance chosen is different from the actual movement.?..the Z axis has no measurements to speak of…only th4e X and Y have scaleable movements.

Hello. Actually the coupler was initially found loose sound I did tighten it up but can always check again. I can indeed move the z axis up and down easily with the screen arrows.
I installed a dial indicator and compared that distance to the entered manual distance and z coordinate in the right upper display.

The actual dial indicator movement was much less than what the z coordinate displayed.