Z Axis sticking?

Is this due to those bearing adjusters? I just noticed it and didn’t mess with it yet but figured I’d see if anyone has had this issue? My torch has no wobble, but I’ve been getting wavy/jagged cuts and noticing my cut height has seemed off at times.

Should I adjust those bearings at cut height, I adjusted them way above cut height

I can’t tell why its sticking, but there is definitely some play in the bearings at the bottom of the travel. You can see the top of the carriage move front to back when it bottoms out and lifts again.

The rods that it rides are are probably not perfectly parallel. Mine is a bit loose at the top of the travel and has no play at cut height.

Yea I messed with it a bit adjusting the bearings so it didn’t stick and it seemed like the tightness was constantly different in different position, so think I’m just gonna get it correct for near cut height and go from there

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