Z axis question. Crossfire Pro - SOLVED

Is the powered Z supposed to be fairly loose with play, I see it rides on the two up right tube rails, but has quite a bit a play on those rails.

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No, the Z-axis should be rigid. If you rock the z-axis slide back and forth (the square black part that the red torch slide mounts to) it should be rigid with no play. If you are getting play, it’s possible that your eccentric bearing tighteners need to be re-tightened. You’ll notice that the two bearings on one side use a fixed axle (can’t adjust play) but the ones on the opposite side are eccentric and be rotated to force the V-groove bearings into the upright rails.


It’s fixed thanks

Ez adjustment


I have 1 wire on the z axis and one in the box with a screw. I noticed there suppose to be 2 wires coming off the z axis were do I connect the second at?

Hi Your picture
That wire is on the opposite side of the Z
Mine was lose ! I had to make a tiny open end wrench to fit to tighten it.
Screw is a Phillips head.
Had to grind dow a Phillips head drive insert to to fit in there while I tightened the nit with the wrench.
Both ends its a tight fit!!!
My Z was flopping around when I got it I had to adjust the wheels on the eccentric and after a few cuts that wire I found almost falling off/really loose.
And the IHS. Started acting weird.

It’s right behind the vertical guide rail on the opposite side it’s tight and difficult to see.

Got it in there after a few tries. Had to weld a Phillips head inside a wrench and tighten it down while holding the nut in place with a thinner wrench. At first I did not see the hole on the gold plate. Everything else seems tight. But will keep an eye on everything else. Thanks for the help

image Yea it’s an awkward spot. I put a small loc washer
MS35338-42 (AN PART# ) on the screw in hopes it keeps it from coming loose again.
Guess they are cranking these out AS fast as they can and they are missing a few things during their pre-assembly on certain components.:man_facepalming::man_shrugging: