Z Axis motor not working

Was in the middle of a big cut and received an THC error. I retried the cut and it cut but when the torch went to travel it didn’t lift the torch.
So I stopped and took a look at it. The stepper motor was making a noise but not going up or down. I cleaned everything up, loosened the bolts and there doesn’t seem to be a bind in anything. The motor will move slowly if I tap on the torch while going down. Going up I have to lift on it to get it to move.
Anything else I can do? Does it sound like the motor failed?

could be a loose coupler. check for tightness.

Checked that it was tight.

I’ve had this happen. Clean it more and adjust the eccentric bearings.

brownfox is right…most issues with the Z is due to dirt…it is the part that gest the most splash and smoke and debris…I use a combination of a degreaser and electronic contact cleaner sprays to flush it out…then lube it up lightly.

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Thanks guys. I pulled it all apart and cleaned everything with degreaser, gave it a light coat of some dry lube and reassembled it. Works perfect again.

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that is why a lot of people use a silicone funnel around the torch face to prevent splash up…s few guys have even raised the whole gantry up to get better clearance from splashback.