Z axis just decided to go to the moon

So today while cutting a 4’ sign, the THC decided it was going to go 3" above the material. It messed up the material unfortunately. Had to “run from here” and was able to salvage it luckily. Any reason why it would just raise out of nowhere. It was a gradual raise as well, not like the torch just started at that height. It was in the middle of cutting a design, not the start of a cut

Can you attach your program here? We’d like to run it.

Also what THC firmware version are you on?

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I’m running the latest firmware that I am aware of. I will pm you the file

Are you running FireControl 20.4 by chance? It is the latest version.

I am running 20.4. yesterday fire control wouldn’t open so i Followed the steps on here to delete the . firecontrol folder. Once I restarted the computer, FC opened up just fine

Was the THC working fine up until it started lifting? Was it in the middle of a long cut and seemingly working OK?

Did you happen to see what the traffic lights were doing as it was lifting? Once we get your program we’ll be able to run it here.

I would say it was on this cut for about 10-15 seconds before it started lifting. I was not looking at the traffic lights unfortunately. It cut the rest of the sign just fine. Once I did the “run from here” restart, it went over where it originally raised up, and it cut it just fine. So that’s what makes me think it’s not a program issue. I will send you the file here in a minute

Ok thanks for the background. I’m certain there is no issue with the programming- but a few months ago we found a bug where if a number of circumstances were present the THC would drive upward. We fixed the firmware for that case, but its not possible that there is a new but similar bug still in the firmware. Unlikely but possible. Looking forward to getting your code so we can run it here to see if it reproduces.

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ok daniel, just pm’d you the file. please let me know if that works

We ran your code on our machine and it cut fine without the torch raising issue that you mentioned. This leads us to believe its not a firmware/software problem. If you see it happening again can you immediately check to see what the voltage is and what the traffic lights are doing? That would definitely help to determine whats going on.

I am guessing that, for whatever reason, you experienced an immediate drop in live voltage and the machine reacted by driving the torch up. What caused that drop is what is unknown at this time.


Alright Daniel, I will keep an eye on it if I see something again next time. It is the first time that It has done it. Is there a way for me to check which THC update I have installed? Just to rule that out on my end, although I do believe it’s the latest.

Yes it will say the version of firmware in the greenbox at the top right (both for THC and motion firmware) V1.09 is the latest for THC.