Z axis "Bonus" - please explain

So I am late in the order line-up…I was hemming then hawing as the dates slid away , then went from hell no to what the hell. Point being I have skin in the game for these questions

Question on the Z axis - I have read through the comments, but I don’t believe Langmuir has answered this directly.

Some of the Langmuir site information points to being able to mechanically adjust the “z” for 2", but then there is the “Bonus” animation showing what looks like a 2" automated spindle retract.

I am assuming it is a mechanical adjustment, but knowing for sure would be nice.

Also, please let us know how these adjust and if there is a range of adjustments or if it is just 0" , +2"

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Hi there, yes the 2" of ‘bonus travel’ is merely mechanical/manual adjustment. You an adjust to any height between 0 and 2". Normally when we are hogging we like to retract the spindle as much as possible since this is where its dynamically most stiff. For work that requires cutting low (close to the baseplate with small end mills) we’ll retract the spindle. Our guess is that 90% of projects that folks will do will be retracted.

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Thank you

You say retract in two instances , when you say retract are you meaning pulled up in the Z “+2” or down in the Z “0”. I would assume retracted is up and extended is down.

Are you saying it is dynamically more stiff in the +2" retracted position?

Also , is the z axis linearity / concentricity going to remain intact?

Will the spindle need to be trammed after every adjustment?


Yes retract means +2" in Z axis.

Yes, deflection as measured at the cutting tool will be less with the spindle retracted as compared to it being extended.

Yes, alignments are maintained. The spindle does not require re-tramming between adjustments.