Y stepper motor does not work

I am assembling the Crossfire Pro and I’m at the part where you jog the x and y using Fire Control to the most positive X and negative Y position but it seems that the Y stepper motor with the long cable does not work. I verified that it was nothing with the electronics box by swapping cables Y1 and Y2 with the same result. Only the Y stepper motor with the short cable turns.

@CadyRidah If you plug the longer cable Y2 motor into the Y1 port on the electronics enclosure, will it spin this Y2 motor? Does it make any sounds? If you have the Y2 motor (long cable) plugged into the Y1 slot in the electronics enclosure with the power turned on, can you spin this motor shaft in your hand?

Y2 motor does not make any sounds. With the Y2 plugged in Y1 slot, I can turn the shaft by hand.

Just so I am clear, even with the Y2 motor plugged into the Y1 port, you are getting zero sound when you jog the Y axis?

Just to rule it out can you double check the motor coupler is nice and tight?

Yes, Y2 motor gets no sound no matter what port I have it plugged in to. I can jog Y by turning on Y1 while turning Y2 shaft by hand. Motor coupler is tight.

Correction, Y2 does make a sound, I forgot to turn the box on after I swapped the plugs.

OK, my mistake. Everything works fine now. The coupler on the motor side was slipping. I had to really crank it really tight to get it to catch. It’s working now. Thanks for all the help!

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Ok it started slipping again so I removed the motor and check the shaft and it had some grease on it. Wiped it off and tightened it down as far as it can go and it works ok now.

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Glad to see you up and running @CadyRidah! let us know if there is anyting else we can help with

Thanks for all your help!

It appears I still have a problem. I should have checked full movement earlier but I didn’t as I was stopping for the day. Y2 will move forward just fine but locks up in reverse twice. It moves in reverse then the motor makes a loud sound and stops turning and when I release the button and push it again it continues to go in reverse but does it again. Any idea what this could be? Is there a way I can send a video?

I did some reading and found that in the past others had issues with the lead screw nut. This might be the issue I have. On the Y1 side I had a very easy time screwing the lead screw into the nut but on the Y2 side it was very hard to turn. I had to get a rag to wrap around it to give me some grip to be able to turn it.

Were you sure to pull back on the white compression collar of the lead nut when screwing it onto the lead screw. Not doing that will cause the symptoms you describe.

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Yes, I pulled back on it to make sure not to damage it.

It sounds like your lead nut threads may be damaged causing excessive friction. We’ll send you a new one.

I really appreciate all your help! Thank you!!!

I just checked tracking on my replacement lead nut and it says it’s in Detroit, MI when it should have been sent to Beaverton, OR. Can I get an update on this? Thanks!

Any update on this? I’d really like to continue setting this all up so I can get cutting. Only thing holding me back is this lead nut.

I just checked the tracking and agree that it’s very bizarre that it would go to Michigan when your address is in Oregon. I just looked up the shipping label and we in fact shipped it to your address on file. I am guessing that your package somehow got put on the wrong USPS truck at some point. If it doesn’t sort itself out over the weekend we will send another one.

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Thank you so much for looking into this! I really appreciate all your help!

I’m pretty sure USPS has lost this package. I ship with them frequently and the message that I’m getting in the tracking history is the same message I get with they lose a package. Everyday it will update with the same message which is what it’s been doing since Thursday.