Y rail shield kit

I have started to produce a version of my Y rail shield kit. My experience the shield kit stops about 90% of the chips from making it over the shields. I have a few kits ready to ship and will be making more this week. If interested send an email to jaredwhite@backward.design
Kit is $200 which includes shipping cost to the lower 48 states. Kit is made from 18 gauge steel powder coated black with all mounting hardware stainless steel. kit includes magnets for X carriage mounted shield or can be drilled and tapped for a permanent mount.


Beautiful kit and job well done but the price seems a bit high for a bunch of machinists and fabricators that will see this and likely decide to machine it ourselves.

With the cost of shipping and materials nowadays the price isn’t that bad.


I think the price is more than fair!


I see this is posted in the MR-1 category, but these are for the XR table right?
if not disregard my question

Question for you, why did you make it mountable two ways? Did you find times when you needed to remove it?

The MR-1 Y axis shield kit has two mount option were to allow for installation with out having to do any modification to the machine. The kit can be installed and used with magnetic mounting option. However if the end user prefers or tends to cut ferrous metals they may drill and tap the X carriage for mounting.

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Shield Kit arrived fast! Very nicely done @AE95 ! I’ll posts some pics as soon as it’s installed.