Y axis won’t move

Just got my Pro assembled and was jogging the machine to the lower right as per assembly instructions. The x axis performs flawlessly, however, the y axis binds upon movement and thus will not move. I can’t reason why this is happening as I can turn the lead screws by hand and the y axis moves. I have examined the lead nuts and they appear ok. I have even put a spot of oil on the lead screws with no avail. If I push back on the white collar on the LH side the y axis moves in the negative y direction but will not move in the positive. Any support for this? Thanks

Are you positive that the motor coupler is not slipping?

Yep, that was the issue; one coupler needed to be torqued a bit more. I guess I took your warning to heart-“Caution: Excessive torque can cause the screws or hex key to strip”. Thanks for the quick and knowledgeable response.

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We should probably take that note out of the instructions then! Glad to hear it’s working now.