Y axis won’t move

Yeah I’m still having issues. Completed 3 designs, went back to my other computer to make more, and now I am having a hard time again. This machine is testy…

My x axis keeps seizing. It could be both axis… but I can physically see the x axis. I put a red dot on the back so I can see it spinning or not. Everything is tight, but while the machine is off I cannot move the lead screw. Not sure If I am supposed to or not, @TinWhisperer asked me that earlier.

Sorry about that. I will try to keep posting on this thread to avoid bobble head whiplash! Thank you!

Have you tried putting some light oil on the leadscrews? Mine had some sticky lube on them that was causing a lot of binding issues. Oiling them with a lightweight oil made everything run much smoother.

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No, I have not. Do you have a recommendation on what light oil would be appropriate?

I use whatever I have in my shop, but 3 in 1 oil is what I’ve seen recommended.

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Yep, that’s the Langmuir recommendation. I believe they even updated the manual with it.

LMS is recommending 5W30 Mobile One as the synthetics won’t get gummy.