Y-axis motor moves before other (SOLVED)

I noticed one of the y-axis motors moves before the other one, its easily noticed at 50ipm hard to see any faster than that. The lead screw that moves first, the lead screw is tight I cannot rotate it by hand, the other that seems to have some lag, I can by hand twist the screw maybe an 1/8 of a turn or less where the other side as no play. Not sure if this is related, but any suggestions on the motor timing?

Coupling slipping??

Yup… thanks… I was just about to reply thats the first thing I checked, because it was but figured I should double check after your post, I did and it was slipping on the motor side… ugh! thanks for the reply!

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Those are notorious to slip I was checking mine while back stripped one of the holes out. I ordered better replacements but made one to get back to cutting.

good to know, thanks again. That also fixed a slight binding issue I was seeing at higher ipm.

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