Y axis cutting too short?

I just started using my machine, I just attempted to cut a piece… and it was supposed to be 25.02", it ended up being just over 24-13/16" tall. The width was dead on. (1" for the main part) any ideas what could be causing this? I didn’t see any binding or anything like that as the job ran. I have the kerf set to .055 in fusion 360, and it looked like it cut on the outside of the line as it was supposed to. this is only my second cut on the machine, and the first things were art pieces where the size wasn’t crucial, so I didn’t even check it.

some images to help. Also, FireControl showed the correct height of 25.02" in there.

did you ever get an answer on this, I’m dealing with the same issue right now. however my machine is fairly used.