Y Axis chip guards

I cut and installed a pair of chip guards onto the Y axis. Haven’t cut anything yet, but they look pretty decent and should help keep things a little more contained.

Cut on the crossfire out of 20g aluminum and mounted with these magnets off of amazon. They needed an additional washer to space out and hit the gap in the X rail nicely.
Rubber Coated M6 Magnets

Also here is the dxf for the guards if you’re interested.
mr1sidegaurds.dxf (2.5 KB)


Please keep us posted on how well these work out. I wonder if mounting to the gantry would be a better option as then the shield could stick up much higher (but obviously would need to be much shorter in Y length)?

That could maybe be good, there is an ok amount of clearance in front.
Made first test cuts and on heavy cuts the rooster tail of chips shoots right over. Lighter cuts though they seem like these will help with. For the $8 or so I think I’m happy.
Here’s video.
Test cuts.