Xr operator's manual

This is the most recent revision of the XR technical support guide. Nearly every operational scenario and technical troubleshooting situation will be answered in this document. This document also includes a link to download my advanced Hypertherm 45XP and 65 Sync SheetCAM tool libraries with precision path rules for optimized cut quality at any speed. As always, the maintenance can be found at the end.
XR Comprehensive Technical Support Guide, REV6.pdf (1.2 MB)


do you have libraries for fusion 360 hypertherm 65 sync to share as well?

I don’t have them for Fusion but I do still have the Excel spreadsheet I used to create them, if that would be helpful. I will review the process for uploading tool libraries in Fusion and if the Excel data can be used, I will create that library as well and add it to the guide. Its actually remarkable how many folks I’ve shared this document with ask for that data. The SheetCAM library includes all of my custom precision path rules for high speed cutting on thinner materials and its been available for EVERYONE to download for at least the last year. Unfortunately, no one, well, ALMOST no one, actually takes the time to read through the guide to discover all of the incredibly useful information I’ve included that will answer about 95% of our customer questions. Instead folks prefer to call and then complain on various social media platforms when we are unable to answer because we’re busy assisting other customers when they have had the answers the entire time… but I digress lol.

I will invest some time and see if the information I have already created is transferable over to Fusion and if so, I will post it as well. Thank you for reading through the document and I hope it helps you in the future.


absolutely i would be greatly appreciative if you could do that for me. specifically im looking for 65 sync. thank you so much

i wanted to check in with you to see how you were making out with the above excel sheet for fusion 360?


good morning, i was wondering if you ever got a chance to create this per my request awhile ago