Xr hypertherm cut quality

Finally setup the xr with a hypertherm 65 sync and been messing with the setting and cant quite get it dialed in.

My first batch crossfire with a 45xp had a cleaner cut and less bevel.

Tried everything between .06 torch height to .125 and 90ipm to 117ipm.

Zero dross but has a 5 degree bevel i cant seem to knock down and not nearly as smooth of a cut appearance wise, the you couldnt see any cut lines.

The corners are rough but i might be able to work that out slowing down into and around the corners.

Thoughts/ suggestions ?

Did you verify your cut height with feeler gages?

I did. When i had it set to .125 it was way off, so i adjusted to 0 ihs and got it down to .125.

Based on how it looks, i figured it was cutting too high. I am going to try and do some more test cuts this week to and mark the specs on each.

@Jpointer311 are you using 65 or 45 amp consumables ?

sounds like 65 amp comsumables base on this ipm range you are using.

Do all side have the same bevel?

65amp consumables. Same bevel all the way around.


PG 151

are you using the automatic or manual gas pressure?

Try and test from the manual and see wheree you are at.

I had to adjust my torch to table, it was not 90 to table. I readjusted my X axis bearings to get torch 90 to table have almost zero bevel now on one edge and other 3 edges are spot on.

I left the machine as it was out of the box, so automatic i assume. Ill double check the doc and adjust

Before i fired it up, it was as square as square gets. Ill double check it this week.

I let it run for 5 minutes and it never deviated

Are you running in automatic gas pressure mode when cutting?

Pg 75 in the PDF above

Yes, automatic

Interesting discussion regarding sync cartridges. we run a HT 65 and dropped down to a 45 amp std non fine cut cartridge and are getting cleaner slots and holes on 1/8 mild steel at published settings but seems lowering cut height to .06 helps get low side dross off better. On 1/4" we see similar no dross but taper with 65 amp sync. cartridges. keep in mind a few tech calls with Hyperterm that publish cut heights and speeds dry no water table. Hypertherm tech rep mentioned an interesting thought on the plasma arc its more like a football shape and you want it to cut more to the center of the football (pointing down) as far as depth. I see you messed with depth as we did … Hypertherm officially recalled all their early fine cut cartridges Maybe some small issues with the rest of the Sync cartridges.

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We haven’t messed with any fine tuning HT pressures settings etc that extra menu adds another layer to this matrix.

I will try to get some more test cuts this weekend with specs for each and measure the toech height during operation. Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated