Xr,cut60 thc not working

ok, ive had issues with the torch head dragging in the past to the point it broke my torch.
i noticed earlier that the Z axis didnt move nor adjust after the initial pierce. my live voltage is at zero also. any help pointed in the right direction would be much appreciated .

There’s a troubleshooting guide to get you going.

I take it you just want an ‘answer’ but really without knowing more about what you’ve done so far, we can all just take a guess.

Is this setup new? Are you new?

Or have you been running this setup for awhile with a full understanding of what you’re doing?

Did you wire it correctly? How did you run voltage? I mean, I don’t want to cite the troubleshooting guide but it covers any and all issues.

This is assuming it isn’t a physical issue where it’s binding (or a loose coupler).


im gonna check the guide. ive been piddling with it for a couple months here and there ,havent really opened up with it yet because of the issues . yes im somewhat new to it.

Well said!!!